Who are we ?

Hi, I'm Krishna - Founder & CEO at Prose Stories; Mumbai, India.

Having studied fashion in India and internationally, I have always dreamt of bringing together a combination of everyday-luxury wear at high street prices to my country, with the hope that women would want to wear our clothes everyday.

So here's the first step to my dream, my brainchild - Prose Stories.

Prose Stories is a young, contemporary design house for women. Our styles include more classic - to trendy pieces along with a lot of romantic detailing, ruffles, ditsy prints, florals, muted hues and holiday wear. 

Our aim is to help you pick the perfect outfit for each of your occasions, to make you feel effortless, glamorous, fabulous and more confident just as soon as you slip into our pieces with the dream in our eyes of becoming your #1 choice of preference soon. 

So much for now, until next time xx

Love, K